Water H2o – The Importance Of H2o in our Life!



Good health is something we all want and try to attain, but if we are honest, most of us do not come close to drinking It recommended amount of each day. Our life is based on air and water and Here we will discuss it.

What is Water H2o?

The Water is colorless and odorless substance found all over the earth. It is the big blessing of Allah almighty after air. It is made up of billions of molecules. Each molecule is made of one oxygen and two hydrogen atom combine by strong covalent bonds.

water h2o

Forms of water

It is found in three different forms on earth

  • Liquid
  • Solid
  • Gas

These three forms of water depend on temperature. Their shapes are changed by changing temperature and on our earth flows as a liquid in rivers, streams, and oceans in solids it is found in the form of ice.  In case of gas, it is found as vapors in the atmosphere.

It is also underground and inside plants and animals. All living things need water in some form to survive on earth.

Composition of H2o

It Is a substance made up of chemical elements hydrogen and oxygen. it is one of the most plentiful and essential compounds for all living organisms. It is the natural blessing gave by God.


All living things need water in some form to survive on earth. People can survive without food for a week but can live only a few days without It.

It is an important resource for many uses including food production, cleaning, transportation, washing bathing, power generation, recreation and much more.

H2o is very important for life. We need It to drink, to wash our hands to cook, to water plants.

Properties of water

A tasteless and colorless, odorless liquid at room temperature, it has very important ability to dissolve many other substances. It has the ability to dissolve many things in it. For example in our daily life is we can dissolve salt and sugar in it. It is the best solvent. It is also absorbed into our body so it is essential for our body and Our life is based on H2o. The versatility of water as a solvent is essential to organisms and life is based on it, Also, We cannot survive without water.

Importance of Water H2o

It is an essential element in our life. After Air, the importance of water takes the second place as an essential requirement for survival. There is no cell or tissue in the body where you don’t find and it is also necessary for the growth of plants and animals which supply our food. There are many ways which show the importance of H2o.

  • Body physiology

It also helps in all major function of the body like circulation, excretion, absorption, nerve conduction, respiration, reproduction etc. It makes up 60% of your body, including 70% of heart and brain and 80% of your lungs. Your body needs more amount of it to function properly and efficiently. The doctor recommends the patients must drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

  • Circulation

In our body blood contains 80% of water, lymph, and also spinal fluid.

  • Absorption

All the food substances absorb with the help of water. The absorbed food is carried by blood, lymph and supplied to all organs and tissue.

  • Excretion

It helps in collection of the waste materials from all the cells and tissues of the body. From there it is sent to the kidneys, skin, and lungs for excretion.

  • Reproduction

It helps in the formation of media for transport of sperms and ova. Water helps in loss of excess heat from the body in the form of sweat and also by respiration

  • Moisturization

It keeps the eyes, mouth and other organs to perform smoothly. We cannot see clearly without moisture in eyes and it helps to clean the lens regularly. We need saliva formed from water in the mouth.

Deficiency of water

Deficiency of water in the body may cause many diseases. We should take plenty of water in our daily routine. We try to make up for the deficiency of it in taking by taking a healthy diet and exercise and also take 8 glass of water in a day.


In this article, we conclude that it is essential elements for all living organisms. we must drinks, use and save water carefully.

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