Vitamin D and Its Importance in Our Life

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Vitamins are very essential for our body. Vitamins are the substance that your body needs to grow and develop. There are many types of vitamins which our body needs to grow and develop normally. Here we discuss vitamin D.

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is fat soluble and we can get from sunlight and supplements. It is also known as the sunshine vitamin, is produced by the body as a response to sun exposure.

Vitamins are the nutrients that can not be created by the body and therefore must be taken in through the food. it is synthesized by our body when sunlight hits our skin.

vitamin d

Why It Is So Important

It is very important for our bones and it is one of the most important components of the body which we need. The main job of it is to keep the right amount of calcium and phosphorus in our body. Vitamin D is most important because it helps us to:

  • Prevent bone problem
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Decrease the risk of diabetes
  • Make better functioning of lungs
  • Reduce the risk of the heart problem

It is the big source of calcium, and calcium is the building block of your skeleton and you must take the daily dose of vitamin D.


It is essential for strong bones because it helps the body to use calcium from the diet. Deficiency of vitamin D has been associated with rickets, a disease in which bone tissue doesn’t work properly, making soft bones and skeleton deformities. Symptoms of bone pain and muscles weakness are the alarming signs of its deficiency.


Relationship of healthy bones and vitamin D

Vitamin D and bones are closely related to each other. They have a close relationship with each other. It plays a vital role in keeping your skeleton strong. Weak bones mean a deficiency of vitamin D and strong bones means a healthy body which means plenty of vitamin D. who takes plenty of vitamin D have fewer problems of joint pain and osteoporosis, arthritis, and back pain.

  • Cancer treatment

It also helps to prevent different types of cancers and it also prevents tumors from forming new blood vessels. Tumors became small when it literally keeps it from getting nourishment.

  • Boost immune system

It plays a vital role in the prevention of other types of autoimmune disorder. This disorder is depression; vitamin D is the key element in boosting mood.


A major source of vitamin D is sunlight.

It obtained from food like cold water fish, cheese, butter, milk, cod liver oil, fish liver oil, cereals, egg yolks.

Role our body

The vitamin D which we get from the sun is known as vitamin D3 and this vitamin naturally produces when an ultraviolet ray from the sunlight mix with the cholesterol in the skin. In the liver, vitamin D3 is activated and then form more effective vitamin.

Some of the vitamin D stays in the liver and kidneys help to reabsorb the calcium from the blood and Another portion of it is sent in the intestine to absorb calcium from food. It also goes to the bones in the form of calcium.


In this article, we conclude that vitamin D is very essential part of our life. We must care about it and take an exposure to it from sunlight which is a natural source of this vitamin. We must include more vitamin D in our diet plan. If your body shows alarming signs of vitamin deficiency you must consult to doctor.

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